33 Patriotic DIY 4th of July Decoration Ideas

If you love to celebrate 4th of July, you’ll surely love these ideas!

If you love to celebrate 4th of July, you'll surely love these ideas!

1. DIY Patriotic Sign


How many times have you said the pledge in school? At least a hundred times for sure? And yet, you forget, right? Well, this chic “pledge of allegiance” board is a bold reminder of the amazing nation you live in, as well as the flag that is used to represent it. The DIY idea is available here!

2. Plastic Cup Twirlers


This elegant 4th of July decor DIY idea isn’t difficult. It adds crisp and cool color accents and even seizes the patriotic spirit perfectly. See the tutorial here!

3. Lawn stars


Give a star-spangled treatment to your front lawn with the DIY available at Sunset. You can even add these to your backyard to create a nice splash of colors for your 4th of July party! They are sure to be the major highlight of your party and be a hit with the guests who will end up lying on their backs near it to pose for pictures against this amazing backdrop.

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