35 Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Tutorials

Check out these awesome DIY fairy garden ideas & tutorials. Create a perfect place to invite your tiny friends to lay their magic dust or just add a different touch to your gardening projects right now!

1. DIY Teacup Fairy Garden


You can build a tiny world in a big teacup or in this case plant a really small garden. The China cup is a great setting with its watercolor painting and unique shape, and the little doll chair on top adds the ultimate whimsical touch. via: lifeisaparty.

2. Potted Fairy Garden


This stacked, potted garden is a great craft. In fact, the tower garden actually looks more like a fairy town with its little huts, ladders going up the side and even a little fake pond in the lower level.

3. DIY Fairy House Planter


This actually isn’t a fairy garden at all, but rather a terracotta planter which was decorated with painted pebbles and straw to look like the front door of a little house. It looks really sweet and magical though. via: consumercrafts.

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