The Best Perennial Plants for Cottage Gardens

If you want to make a perennial cottage garden, these are the plants you should grow!

If you want to make a perennial cottage garden, these are the plants you should grow!

Choosing the best plants for your style of gardening takes some time and thought process. If you have an informal garden then perhaps the cottage mix would work well for you, people love perennials not only because you only have to plant once, but because they put on a magnificent showy display year after year with very little pruning or maintenance. You get more bang for the buck. The best perennials plants for your particular garden should include a mix of short, medium and tall plants that bloom early, mid-season and late season.

1. Hollyhock


Hollyhocks are by far my favorite cottage garden plant. The height brings your eyes up to view the blossoms and gently guides you to view the trees, the sky, the birds flying in midair. The seeds are also among the easiest to start and the plant is winter hardy.

2. Bellflower


Bellflower is a tough perennial that produces spikes of white or blue blooms in early and midsummer. Like most cottage garden plants, the flowers are great for cutting. They will grow in full sun or partial shade and grow to a stately 3 feet or more. They will start from seeds fairly easy.

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