How Not To Kill Plants In Containers, 13 Most Important Things To Know

If you often kill your plants in containers, check out these 13 things to do to avoid killing them.
If you often kill your plants in containers, check out these 13 things to do to avoid killing them.

1. Overwatering

Many new gardeners believe that the more they water, the better. All plants (including non-potted plants) have the different watering needs and *those needs may also vary depending upon the time of the year or season, the amount of light and ambient temperature. The easiest solution to avoid this problem is knowing the moisture level required by each plant.

2. Underwatering

It is equally harmful to the plants. Back to the same point, it is essential to know the moisture requirements of each plant to keep them healthy. Also, it is obvious, in summer all the plants require more water, and you should double the amount of water. When you water your plants, do it thoroughly, so that the entire substrate moisten well and the slight amount of water seeps out from the bottom holes of the pots and then wait for it to dry (with the method of poking your finger) and then water again.

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