Perennials Made Easy! How To Create Amazing Gardens

Perennials can make your garden look happy and full year round, but there are some tips you need to know to grow them easily. Check out!

Tips for perennials made easy: How to avoid (or fix) dull, boring gardens and create eye-popping perennial gardens that everyone will envy

Perennials can make your garden look happy and full year round but there are some tips you need to know to grow them easily. Check out!

One of the biggest benefits of growing perennials in your garden instead of annual flowers is that perennials last for many years. But sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and wonder how to keep your perennial gardens looking beautiful and full of color throughout the entire growing season, and even year round. Are you looking for perennials made easy? Like, super duper easy? Then this post is for you!

Many times people send me photos of a boring all-green (e.g.: no flowers) garden area begging me for advice on how to make their garden look better. They know something is wrong with the garden, but aren’t sure what they’re doing wrong. They go on to explain that their perennial garden looks amazing for a few weeks every summer, but it’s dull and boring the rest of the year because nothing else ever flowers.

The Biggest Perennial Gardening Mistake

When it comes to perennial gardening, people focus way too much on flowers. Think about it. You walk into the garden center to buy some new perennials, and what’s the first thing that pops out at you …the flowers, right? In fact, garden centers usually only sell plants that are in full bloom (they have chemicals to control the bloom times), and once the plants are done blooming, they quickly disappear from the store

And most people think, BAM, those flowers look amazing together so I’ll get them for my garden! I mean, how could you go wrong with this amazing color combo, right?!?

But, since we love to buy plants that are flowering, we tend to forget to think about how long those flowers will last, or what time of year they will bloom once they’re established in our garden.

Garden Perennials For Every Season

Early spring color – spring blooming bulbs (like tulips, crocus and daffodils) will add the first splashes of color in early spring. Creeping phlox, ajuga, bleeding heart and colorful foliage plants (like sedums) won’t be far behind.

Spring/early summer color plants like peonies, lupine, irises, spirea, honeysuckle, weigela and poppies. This is also when the foliage colors from hostas, coral bells, sedums and lungwort really start to pop too.

Summer blooming perennials: lilies, coneflowers, rudbeckia, butterfly weed, phlox, Liatris, sage… you can go on and on, but nobody seems to have trouble finding beautiful plants during this season!

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