How To Plan Your Small Garden

Best tips for planning a small vegetable garden to get the most productive and lush garden!

Best tips for planning a small vegetable garden to get the most productive and lush garden!

If you had to guess, what do you think is one of the most common mistakes that beginning gardeners make? If you guessed starting with a garden that’s way too big, you’re right!

Although gardening isn’t rocket science, there are a lot of details to learn and it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly – especially if you have a big garden. So, it is best to start small the first year.

It’s much easier to keep up with a small garden during the busy time. You’re more likely to be successful, which means you’re going to have a lot more fun. And greater success will make you excited about continuing to garden the following season, and hopefully for many more seasons after that!

If you’re thinking about starting a small vegetable garden this year, here are some helpful tips for successful planning.

How To Plan Your Small Vegetable Garden

1. Choose Your Size

Start with a small garden. But what is a small garden? Around 10’x10’ is a much more manageable size for most folks. Starting with one raised bed is also a good choice. A 4’x8’ raised bed will allow you to grow a handful of different vegetables and will be easy to manage. You can always add more raised beds in the coming years.

2. Start with Seedlings

There are different ways to plant vegetables in your garden. Some things are more commonly grown by starting with a seedling, and some plants need to be directly planted in the ground. Seeds often require more attention initially than plants, so it is recommended that beginning gardeners use seedlings as much as possible in their gardens for the first year or two.

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