Use Milk In The Garden And Be Ready For These 8 Surprises | Milk Uses

Learn about the 8 amazing milk uses in the garden that will amaze you.

Learn about the 8 amazing milk uses in the garden that will amaze you.

1. Using Milk as Disinfectant

Garden Tools

Here’s one way to use milk in the garden, as a disinfectant. According to Michigan State University, Extension “Milk has been shown to be an effective alternative disinfectant for greenhouse tools to prevent the manual transmission of viruses.” Instead of using a toxic bleach solution to disinfect garden pruners and scissors, dip them in milk to disinfect them. Milk even prevents the transmission of many tomato diseases such as tobacco mosaic virus. As a bonus, tools don’t corrode or rust as much when cleaned with milk. Here’s a helpful article to read!

2. As a Fungicide


Milk can be used successfully to fight against fungal diseases such as molds, rot and powdery mildew. Visit The Spruce to learn more! Spraying a diluted mixture on the surface of plants’ leaves lowers their susceptibility to fungal infestation. The has an article on it in detail. Milk is also a potent additive for improving the adsorption of pesticides and preventing them from getting runoff by strong winds and rain. Additionally, milk has been proven to stall the transmission of disease-causing viruses such as tobacco mosaic virus. Various studies support this claim.

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