5 Things You MUST Do for Your Container Gardens

Container gardens are ideal for small spaces like patios and decks. They’re easy to create, but it’s important to keep these tips in mind to give your container garden a great life.

1. Plant them in potting mix.


Don’t think you can just dig a hole in your yard and use that soil in your containers. Bad move: That dirt is too compacted. It doesn’t offer enough air, nutrients, or moisture to support a container garden. Instead, buy a bag of potting mix that’s lightweight and holds water better.

2. Water your plants.


Don’t let pots dry out—it stresses the plants. Water in the morning or at night. If a plant is droopy, it’s getting too much water. If it’s shriveling, it’s not getting enough. Feeling the soil is another good way to test whether your garden needs water. If the top inch or so layer of soil is dry, your container needs water.

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