8 Of The Best Berries To Grow In Containers

Growing berries in the containers is easy, here’s how!

Growing berries in the containers is easy, here's how!

1. Strawberries



Growing strawberries in containers is quite easy. One of the best berries to grow in containers, strawberries are perfect for planting in a small balcony. Check out this informative article to find out the right time for planting strawberries! Strawberries can be planted in hanging baskets, strawberry planters, and terracotta pots with 20-30 cm spacing in between the plants.

2. Acai Berries (Weight Loss Berries)



Due to their significant health benefits and the fact that they are very rare, Acai berries can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can try to grow these berries in containers. Only dwarf Acai berry palm can be tried, which on the ground can grow up to 20-30 ft tall but in containers, the height will be reduced to 10-12 ft tall. It takes at least 3 years to become mature and start fruiting. It can be demanding regarding space and time, and you’ll need a large container. Growing Acai palm is suitable in warm subtropical or tropical climate. Colder regions may not be ideal for Acai berries, but you can always use a greenhouse to grow them.

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