Best Plants That Reduce Humidity Indoors

Do you want to reduce the humidity level in your home? Try out the indoor plants on this list!


If the humidity in your home irritates you and never let you feel better, grow these dehumidifying plants. When combined with other humidity reducing ideas, they work well.

1. Xerophytes


Xerophytes are the plants that can survive in deserts or ice, in low liquid water. They are known for their ability to live in harsh temperatures such as cacti and succulents. Aloes, euphorbias, some palms, and plants from Yucca family are good examples. These plants usually have hairy or waxy leaves and thick stems, with their help they can catch and keep water from the air and reduce humidity.

2. Epiphytes


Epiphytes are plants that grow harmlessly on other plants or objects. As they get moisture and nutrients from the air around them, they are definitely the kinds of plants that reduce humidity indoors. Mosses, many ferns, cacti, bromeliads such as silver vase plant, orchids are the example.

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