Do 6 of These Things in February To Have a Great Garden in Spring | February Gardening

Checklist of 6 essential gardening chores you should do before the end of February. Must see!

Checklist of 6 essential gardening chores you should do before the end of February. Must see!

February, right in the middle of the winter, is the perfect time to start strategizing your garden for the upcoming spring. Depending on where you live, February falls somewhere between 6-12 weeks out from when you can start planting outside. The following ideas are some things you can be working on now to have better results from your garden when the weather gets warm.

1. Start Seedlings Indoors


To start seedlings inside, you’ll just need a seedling tray or small containers with drainage holes, sterile seed starter mix, some plastic wrap, and a sunny window. Plant your seeds 1-2 per cell or container in the moistened mix. Cover with plastic wrap. Check each day that the medium is moist. Once seedlings emerge, you can remove the plastic wrap. Provided they get enough water and strong sunlight, your seedlings should be strong enough within the next 2-3 months to go outside. (Make sure to harden them off first).

2. Plant Fall Bulbs, If You Forgot Earlier


Oh no, you forgot to plant your tulip and daffodil bulbs before Thanksgiving! Plant them now anyway. Fall bulbs need a period of cold to bloom once the weather gets warm. Ideally, they should be planted between September and December, but many will still bloom just fine if planted later, as long as they have some time on the ground in the cold. Bulbs are different from seeds—they won’t make it until next year, so you might as well try to plant them now while they still have a chance at success.

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