Five Ideas For Your Vertical Herb Garden

Designing your own vertical herb garden is a fun project.

Designing your own vertical herb garden is a fun project.

Vertical gardens allow you to grow herbs and some fruits and vegetables that do not require a lot of soil, such as strawberries or lettuce. Growing your own herbs for cooking or for medicinal purposes has never been easier!

Pocket Planters


Pocket planters are a quick and easy way to set up a vertical garden. You can purchase these planters in most home and garden stores and can opt for a single planter or choose a larger product with several pockets. These planters usually come with everything you need to hang them on a wall. The downside of pocket planters is that you will have to manually water your herbs.

Modular Wall System

You can purchase a modular wall system or create your own. A modular wall system is a better option if you want to grow quantities of herbs or would like to also grow fruits and vegetables. Modular wall systems typically include a frame with several shelves on which you can arrange your planters. You can find some systems mounted on wheels so you can easily move them around for ideal sun exposure.

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