Most Fragrant Flowers According to Gardeners

Find out which are the most fragrant flowers in this article.

1119b1d646cb32b8e8feb387268f3ce7--hyacinth-flowers-growing-plants Find out which are the most fragrant flowers in this article.

1. Gardenia


Our winner, almost 30% gardeners voted for Gardenia. There are three reasons for it:

  • It grows everywhere, in cold or in tropics.
  • Its big milky white flowers like flap of petals in roses looks so beautiful and their magical odor, which is not as overpowering as jasmine.
  • Its fragrance that blends in its surroundings like a part of it.

2. Jasmine


Whether it’s a night blooming jasmine or queen of the night or poet’s jasmine or any other variety, it’s true that Jasmines are the most fragrant flowers in the world. Overpowering perfume that so many people dislike them, its fragrance can be smelt from far beyond it. *Jasmine’s fragrance oil used in aromatherapy.

3. Hyacinth


Cluster of flowers in colors of red, white, blue and more, hyacinths are appeasing for eyes and their fragrance resembles a combination of strawberry and honeysuckle soothing for nostrils. They prefer cold climate and tough to grow in tropics.

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