How to Grow Lavender in Every Climate

Lavender adds soft beauty to any landscape and has endless medicinal purposes for home use. Find tips to grow lavender in any climate in this article.


Image Credit: Gardener’s Path

Lavender, of the genus Lavandula, is commonly grouped into four subgeneras, with a vast number of hybrids that have been cultivated for specific growing conditions and climates all around the world:

  • Lavandula angustifolia – English hybrids a.k.a. true lavender
  • Lavandula stoechas – French hybrids
  • Lavandula dentata – Spanish hybrids
  • Lavandula multifida – Egyptian hybrids a.k.a. fernleaf lavender

You’ll find that this is a hardy plant and doesn’t require much attention throughout the growing season.

Once established, it’s a wonderful pollinator plant that produces bright blossoms and soft scents, making it an elegant addition to any landscape or garden.

Picking A Plant By Zone

Growing lavender isn’t much of a challenge for any gardener, experienced or not. However, there are a few staunch guidelines that every gardener should keep in mind when starting out:


  • Loves heat
  • Hates water
  • Needs space
  • Wants lean soil

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