How to Harvest and Dry Flowers & Herbs From Your Garden

Learn how to easily harvest and dry flowers and herbs from your garden!

Learn how to easily harvest and dry flowers and herbs from your garden!

Image Credit: The Nerdy Farm Wife

Whether you grow them for their many medicinal or ornamental purposes, for use in the kitchen, or simply for their beauty and fragrance – gardening can be a lot of fun! Knowing when to plant and how to care for your plants is half of being a successful gardener. Often more important is knowing the proper techniques for harvesting your precious herbs and flowers.

Harvesting Flowers & Herbs


An ideal time to collect fresh flowers and herbs from your garden is on a dry sunny day after the morning dew has evaporated, but before the midday sun is out in full force.

However, that timing just doesn’t always work out, so it’s okay to harvest throughout the day too.

Choose flowers and leaves that aren’t wilted and don’t have brown spots or lots of insect damage.

Drying Flowers & Herbs the Easy Way


After you’ve gathered a satisfactory collection of flowers and herbs, bring them inside and be ready to process them right away. If something comes up and you can’t get back to drying them for several hours, place the flowers and/or herbs in your refrigerator with a damp paper towel over the top of them.

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