Top 10 Tips on Growing and Taking Care of Succulents

Caring for succulents is easy but if you want them to look best and thrive fast, follow these tips!


There are few reasons why it’s impossible not to love succulents – they come in different size, in many shapes and in almost all the colors of the rainbow, simply said – they’re gorgeous! This gives you plenty of options because it all depends on how big your succulent you want it to be and which color.

1. Choose a Cheaper Variety



Most of the succulents are cheap and easy to find, but there are few varieties such as Jovibarba heuffelii that are rare and therefore expensive. That’s because unlike the rest of the succulents, this crown of the Jovibarba heuffelii splits into more crowns which later have to be surgically removed for further propagation. The point is – before you decide that you want to invest in more expensive succulents, it’s better to start with cheaper ones and learn well how to grow and take care of them.

2. Inform Yourself



Once that you choose which variety you would like to plant, it’s important to inform yourself on how to take care of that certain variety. For example, the Aeonium variety has an upright growth habit and is a good choice for garden beds, while the Agave variety will be a better choice for hedges and to be placed against walls. This all depends on what you need, the other requirements are more or less almost the same.

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